TRACC (trauma response and crisis care) for Movements was a project grown out of the stress and unrest felt within communities of community organizing, activism, and social change - which is also multiplied in marginalized communities. The original intent of this project was to mobilize to support community crisis and stress within and beyond social change. We believe in many ways this is a time of radical social change and deep community crisis.


We hope that the vision for which this project was born can be leveraged to support this kind of care for each other in this moment. We know that organizers, activists, marginalized community members and first responders (among others) are faced with a number of intersecting and growing stressors--from the personal, to the systemic, to the global. We hope to offer support quickly, not instead of other ongoing mental health, spiritual wellness, somatic healing work, etc, but as increased support in this moment where it is needed. 

We are mobilizing community care and support across three dimensions for this COVID-19 moment: 1-1 virtual care, interactive webinars (for the general community & healing provider specific content), and practice groups offering community gathering space focused around meditation, stress-reduction practices, and rituals as well as specific healing practices such as EMDR.

We have also created a constantly growing #destressinplace RESOURCE MANUAL with various ways to gain support and information around healing and care services in this moment.




Healing care providers and peer support specialists will be offering 1-1 check-in support for folks who need a listening ear and grounding tools in this moment. We all feel some sense of overwhelm in this moment so it is understandable to want to reach out, so please make use of our COVID-19 volunteer community care team when you need us. 


This is not mental health therapy but meant to be a bridge service to help folks get their bearing in this stressful time. We will meet with folks between 1-3 times based on need and at the end will refer you out, if needed, for additional supportive services and/or providers. We have a growing list of referral sources and resources within the national & international virtual community. 

Some of our own volunteer team members also have outside services they offer that may meet your needs, as well. See the team bios below for more on our community care team members.


Interactive Webinars will be community space for learning and conversation. They will be taught by a variety of professionals farmiliar and specialized in various aspects of trauma, crisis and healing. Each of these sessions will be recorded and shared via Youtube after the fact so even those unable to interact live will have access to the materials.

We are greatful to the community of providers who have shown up across the healing fields to bring their expertise and wisdom to this moment offering both general community education as well as some specialized healing professionals education and trainings to assist fellow professionals meet this moment as they sit in a specific place in responding to this crisis with clients and in communities - virtually and, for some, still in hospitals and medical centers across the country.

See our "INTERACTIVE WEBINAR" page by clicking the link below for further details on current and upcoming programming.


Practice Groups are spaces to offer community members healing and wellness practices as well as emotional support in this moment. Many of us are taxed and overwhelmed and this space, different from the INTERACTIVE WEBINARS, is less about teaching informationally and more about sharing in a space of practicing our wellness and grounding in this moment.


This can include programming like yoga, meditation, community EMDR, various somatic practices, community ritual, as well as support group spaces for various people and communities being taxed in this moment such as our FIRST RESPONDERS DROP-IN Support Group.


We are constantly adding and updating our offerings so make sure to click on the button below to learn more about existing and upcoming Practice Group spaces.


TRACC Resource Guide #destress in place

Click on the #destress in place RESOURCE GUIDE image above to connect with our growing resource guide including updated information about TRACC programming as well as various virtual resources around the country (and the world) available to support the community in this moment. It is constantly growing and if you know of a resource you think we should add please let us know at


Our wonderful community care team is made up of generous volunteers offering 1-1 care as well as sharing some of their expertise in facilitating many of our INTERACTIVE WEBINARS and PRACTICE GROUPS. We are so grateful for everyone who is offering their time to the community to support all of our healing and wellness in this moment. Click on any image to go to the DETAILED BIO PAGE for information on each person on the community care team.


If you are interested in volunteering as part of the community care team please fill out the VOLUNTEER FORM HERE and we will be back to you within a 24-48 hours. While many of our volunteers have background in the healing care fields we are a peer support network of care, meant to bridge the needs of people to connect and have a listening ear, and as such we invite volunteers with any background in peer-to-peer support as well as those with background in the healing fields.

Learn more about our amazing community care team HERE.

Teresa Mateus, LCSW, RYT
TRACC Project Coordinator & Co-Founder
Alissa Catiis, LCSW, RYT
Core TRACC Team Member
Alexis Francisco, MSW
Core TRACC Team Member
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Jean Robbins
Rosey Puloka, LCPC
Core TRACC Team Member
Vahisha Hasan, MA
Core TRACC Team Member
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Qiddist Ashe
Laura Woods
Monica Tzeng
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Katie Zimmerman
Rachael Koeson
Lynette Davis
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Jennifer Mueller
Preeta Banerjee
Dr. Diana Quinn
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Yoojin Janice Lee
Elandria Williams
Tara Venkatraman
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Yani L Burgos
Karma Mayet
Uma Venkatraman
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Lydia Strand
TRACC Administrative Coordinator
Olivia Ashe
Bethany Joy Winn
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Kaia Jackson
Kate Alexander
Sarah Howard
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Morgan Guyton
Greg Briggs
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We live in a rapidly changing global landscape. One that has induced fear, stress, grief, anger, confusion and traumatic response – understandably – for many of us. There is an overwhelming inundation of information coming to us daily and a changing landscape with each and every sunrise that can cause emotional, spiritual, individual and collective whiplash. What does trauma look like in this moment? What has our historical wisdom shown us about how individuals and communities experience and respond to crisis, pandemic illness, and collective traumatic experience? There are many things we don’t and cannot know but this does not have to make us powerless in the face of the unknown.

This course mines the past knowledge on crisis and pandemic response individually and collectively, explores our present landscape of what we know and can’t know and how we manage that stressful experience, and how we consider where we go from here as we map it one day at a time. The course will offer an overview on trauma past and present. We will look at many of the normal ways we absorb and process this kind of stress and the understandable kinds of stress and traumatic responses many of us may be experiencing in this moment. We will also look to our immediate future and see how to map out ways to manage our stress internally and externally, individually and in community. This will also be a space to share in open and honest conversations about fears and real-time stress and be in community with each other as we find our way one day, one breath, one step at a time.


COST: $49 for 4-weeks and 10 hours of content/ scholarship rate is $25

An ON-DEMAND COURSE available to begin at any time.

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