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We are excited to announce the second cohort of the TRACC4MOVEMENTS training program, LEVEL 1

starting SUMMER 2022.

For healing care providers seeking to deepen their knowledge and practice related to supporting healing in social movements.

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This 12-week Movement Trauma Training Program offers a foundation of understanding on the trauma inherent in social movements, the impact of trauma inside and outside of movements on organizers and activists, and methods and practices for engaging healing care on the frontlines and backlines of movements.


This training is primarily for healing practitioners, especially those in professional healing fields who have had not had training or education into movements and movement healing care. This training offers a bridge of knowledge and collective understanding of this landscape of hurt and healing so that as providers we can support, more effectively, without doing harm, those communities of need and those practitioners of care who are already engaged deeply in frontlines of movements.

This program is an opportunity to grow in community with other healers. This work of movement healing is long term and year round work - and there is a place and role for all of us. This learning continuum will be an opportunity to expand your knowledge and grow with a community of other practitioners which you can be in conversation and in collaboration with through this course and beyond!

Specialized areas of study will include: 

  • Lineages of Healing In Movements

  • The Movement Trauma Cycle: A Deeper Dive

  • Understanding Social Movements for Healers 

  • Generational and Intergenerational Trauma

  • Disability Consciousness in Movement Healing Care

  • LGBTQIA + QTPOC Consciousness in Movement Healing Care

  • Anti-Oppressive & Decolonial Frameworks for Healing (BIPOC & White Affinity Learning)

  • Understanding & Healing Complicated Grief & Rage

  • Understanding Primary and Secondary Trauma/Stress for Movement Healers

  • Learning Your Role and Living Into It for Movement Healing 

  • Healing for Healers in Movement Care

  • Building Movement Healing Response: Locally, Regionally and Nationally


At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate as well as 4 CE units.



This program is appropriate for healing care professionals looking to expand their knowledge of trauma and trauma care for social movements. There are a few professional areas of practice in which this certificate program might benefit one’s own practice in caring for others, including:


  • Social work and mental health

  • Medical and allied health care 

  • Integrative and holistic health 

  • Yoga teachers, bodyworkers and somatic healers

  • Spiritual care and religious professionals

  • Public health professionals

  • Nonprofit professionals

  • Crisis interventionists and first responders


This course will include a combination of pre-recorded video learning content, written and experiential learning assignments, online class discussion boards (via #SLACK), and 3 video conference zoom calls spread throughout the course which will be recorded for students who are not able to participate. 

Course content will be distributed weekly on Tuesdays for 12 consecutive weeks. This is not a self-paced course, meaning students will be expected to join the course on the first day of class and keep up with the weekly course content throughout the 12 weeks. 

Since the weekly content is pre-recorded you do, however, have the ability to navigate each week's course materials at your own pace WITHIN each week. So, if you are most available at 6:00 a.m. or 11:00 p.m. you can navigate your viewing of course materials and completing course assignments and community conversations at your own schedule throughout each week.


This certificate meets IACET standards for 4 CE units (40 contact hours) for religious, civic, and social professionals and is adaptable for academic course credit.

On completion of the course and the final course evaluation leaners will receive a certificate verifying their successful completion of the course which will note the 4 CE units earned and will state learners have completed MOVEMENT TRAUMA HEALER CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: LEVEL 1 PRACTITIONER TRAINING. This certificate will also be the verification of completion needed for continuing to LEVEL 2 coursework. 

tumbuh is a member in good standing with the Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry.


more teachers coming soon | see the registration page for bios

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