Self-Compassion During Crisis: Your Emotional Face Mask

with a team of TRACC4MOvements Facilitators
Wednesdays & Saturdays through the end of June

Although self-compassion may seem like a luxury, especially during these times of crisis, it is actually critical protection and support for our general well-being. This peer support group will offer some experiential learning about what self-compassion is (being with ourselves with kindness inside of our suffering) and what it is not (feeling good about yourself when you do things you think are good); offer you chances to explore and cultivate a personal self-compassion practice and make some connections with others. We will incorporate the body, mindfulness and community connections to learn about and deepen our access to self-compassion.

"In terms of our bodies and our physiology - compassion and care are immunoprotective." - Dr. Diana Quinn Inlak'ech


TRACC4Movements as a project centers on supporting BIPOC/QTPOC, activists and community organizers and frontline responders. We welcome you to join us for this group space to support your own wellness in this high-stress moment.



This group is BI-MONTHLY and running through JUNE on WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS.


This group is facilitated by a rotating team of care providers from TRACC4Movement's Community Care Team. Thanks to the facilitation team for their work on this: Rachael Koesen, Karma Mayet, Elandria Wiliams and Lynette Davis. To learn more about each of these amazing facilitators check out our CARE TEAM BIOS here.

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