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TRACC (Trauma Response & Crisis Care) For Movements is a national organization responding to trauma crisis, providing community care, triage trauma and crisis response, & healing provider training and education to support activists and social movements.


We believe that we are in a sociopolitical moment which multiplies the impact of trauma and burnout for activists and community organizers. We see this as equivalent to a public health crisis and one that we, as healing care providers have a responsibility to respond to in an organized, ethical and coordinated way. 


We provide support to communities, movements and healing care providers through training & education, crisis response, and community support (at local and national levels of care). 


With your support we will be able to equip healing care providers to support activists and social movements at local and national levels, support the formation and compensation of movement trauma crisis response teams to provide support to communities in crisis related to movement campaigns and actions, as well as provide community education and support for activists and organizations seeking to expand the integration of healing care, burnout care, and trauma response in their own organizing contexts. 

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